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Page CXVI / Hymns

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“Page CXVI is a talented band that has a passion to make hymns known again. Their new album just came out!”

Thank you, Andrew!  I just bought their two albums and am looking forward to worshipping to these beautiful songs and sharing them with others. I get excited when I hear of people bringing back old (and sometimes forgotten) hymns. This is not to say that the instrumentation and melodies are outdated or ineffective, but culture changes.  The message stays the same and is preserved, but the way it is presented may need changing as the culture changes. Hymns do not need to be turned into huge rock anthems to be powerful and effective. Sometimes minimal instrumentation complements the beautiful and Christ-centered words. As long as hymns are “updated” in an original, reverent, passionate form, they will continue to provide future generations with songs that give glory and honor to God, alone.

Page CXVI / Hymns.


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April 27, 2010 at 3:48 PM

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