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From the Garden to the City, Part IV

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I just finished reading John Dyer’s From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology on my Kindle. At the time of my browsing Amazon, it was free. So, I decided to download it and read it whenever I had a few minutes here or there.

Instead of reviewing it in the traditional format, I am going to post some highlights from the book that I found interesting and helpful about discerning the use technology in the Christian life. I will let the author speak for himself on whether or not you think the book deserves to be read.

Redemption and Technology

“At one end of this story is a pristine garden prepared by God for humankind to develop and transform. At the other end is a glorious, heavenly city full of human creations, art, and technology. At the center is our Savior Jesus Christ crucified on a cross, the most horrific of all technological distortions, built by transforming a tree from the natural world into a tool of death. Yet in his resurrection, Christ redeemed even that tool, transforming it into the symbol of our faith that eternally portrays his power over death and sin.” (Loc. 440-44)

“The cross, then, is a symbol of the distorted creation turning on its creator. That twisted tree represents the twisted us, a humanity transformed by sin and bent toward death.” (Loc. 2334-35)

“And yet in his grace, God has still chosen the most fallen and rebellious of human creations as the place for his final restoration. God made a promise to the people of Jerusalem to restore their city, not because it was a good or worthy city, but as a symbol of God’s redemptive work in which he transforms unworthy things into holy things.” (Loc. 2362-65)

“The Old Testament visions of the future are focused on the removal of sin and the dwelling of God among his people, and the place of this restoration is always the city. Then at the end of the biblical story, when God takes the final step in his plan of redemption by restoring all things, the restoration of the city reaches its culmination. When John’s Revelation tells of God creating the new heavens and new earth for the resurrected and redeemed human race (Rev. 21:1), it makes no mention of God re-creating the Garden of Eden. Instead of a garden, John tells us that God will bring down from heaven a redeemed and restored city.” (Loc. 2370-75)

“At the same time when we see unspeakable evil conducted with and through technology, it is not cause for us to hate or fear technology but for us to hate the sin that shackles us all.” (Loc. 2480-81)


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